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ToysRUs is closing the company is bankrupt! I'm hoping I can grab the Thomas The Tank display thats totally Thomas awesome. This video looks at the toy stock and toy prices of Thomas & Friends and Disney Cars toys. There are some really nice toy up for grabs but when do you grab the toys at the right price and before the e-bay sellers swoop in. It looks like this sale is in a 2 week cycle and the 20% off has been applied. I also wander to my local KMart to find that finally the Thomas toys area has been re-stocked and Thomas Wood is now selling there. The price is a low $8! This matches the Aldi Specials price I saw a week ago. It also shows me the initial high retail price has been rejected by the consumer and at $8 thats 30% lower than the Thomas Wood prices I saw when it first appeared earlier in the year. The price drop of Thomas Wood Vs what Thomas Wooden Railway toys sold for is amazing to witness. In Australia a TWR Thomas at full price used to be around $20 to $25. With Thomas Wood I have watched the price start at $15 and now drop to $8. At that price it's only a few dollars more than a Thomas Adventures Thomas at $5. Is this Thomas Wood price drop the sign that Mattels gamble with the changes in wooden track connection, engine size and look of the Thomas characters has backfired? One thing I'm noticing is the online prices for Thomas Wood and the old Thomas Wooden Railway toys is crazy. It's absolute buyer beware if your buying these toys online. Amazon had some of the highest prices with a TWR Thomas selling for $24.

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