St Lukes Model Train Show 2018 Part 2 Hornby Thomas End Of The Line ─ leokimvideo

Part 2 of the St Lukes Model Train Exhibition 2018. This train show is attached to a church so there's always lots of hand of God shots to assist the trains. I was using a very small Sony camera I normally wouldn't use! Somehow it's done an amazing job in what is very tricky lighting conditions. This years train show was held in May to get away from the heat of Summer. In part 2 we will look at these model railway displays.

Info still a work in progress!

JB Mining (John Bell)
Beautiful HOe scale layout

Defty (St Lukes Club Layout Rob Evans) Hornby Live Steam trains were playing up and the A4 Mallard is retired. Out comes the Flying Scotsman to save the day. Hornby Live Steam is a very specialized style of model railway. Rarely seen at train shows.

Bears Ears (Steve Thomson)
A HOn30 scale layout set in the American desert.

Age Continplated (St Lukes Club Layout)
A beautiful historic Hornby Meccano Dublo train set that's not showing its age.

Legeauxland 2018 (Richie Dulin) This layout is a complex LEGO amusement part that is interactive with the audience. Push a button to see the various park rides move. I revisit Legeauxland at a LEGO expo to see how Richie has incorporated the LEGO 3 In 1 Roller Coaster set into his display. Very awesome work.

Thomas & Friends U Drive (St Lukes Club Layout)
This 4 track u Drive layout features the Hornby Thomas & Friends trains. Thomas, Duck, and Toby fight it out and cause railway havoc.

Cheapaschips Junction (Chris Fraser)
Really nice On30 scale switching / shunting / plank layout that demonstrates that everyday items can add details to great miniature effect.

Camera chat about the Sony RX100 Mk4 that shot part 1 and 2 of the 2018 St Lukes train show.

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