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Thomas The Tank is headed off Sodor Island in Big World Big Adventures movie. The Thomas Trackmaster Boat And Sea playset allows you to drift far away from Sodor Island as Thomas goes to the dock and engages with The Boat. This Trackmaster set features some unusual features, it has an exclusive Thomas with seagulls and a Boat thats looks more like a Ferry which can be powered through Thomas's wheels. There is specialized water track that The Boat can sail on but The Boat will not travel on Trackmaster railway track. If only this playset had the most important thing in the Thomas empire where characters and faces are applied to almost everything. Even if they are not part of the Sodor Island magic.

The Fisher Price website explains the toy like this.

This Thomas & Friends motorized toy train set takes Thomas from the tracks to the sea as he sails in a boat on a global adventure!
All aboard for the Thomas & Friends TrackMaster Boat & Sea Set! Children's imaginations will set sail as Thomas journeys across international waters in this unique, motorized toy train set. Always up for an adventure, Thomas goes from racing around the train tracks on land to sailing across the sea in a ship. That's right â€" motorized Thomas will power the rocking toy boat, propelling it around the "watery" path from dock to dock. He'll bravely navigate the strong ocean waves from Brazil to China, where he'll safely return to the rails. Children's storytelling skills will come to life as they imagine thrilling tales of Thomas' journey â€" from speeding across the winding tracks to conquering the high seas. Adventure awaits, so anchors away!

Thomas & Friends train set includes Thomas motorized toy train, rolling boat, standard TrackMaster train tracks, "water tracks" for the boat and two docks. Motorized Thomas powers the rolling ship around the "water" from dock to dock. Boat rocks back and forth as Thomas propels it forward, like a real ship on the ocean. Unique Thomas train features sea-themed designs. Thomas can also power the boat off the water track, on a hard, flat surface

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