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In a world where video games, speedrunning & esports are everything, a cyborg girl named Tari finds herself in the crosshairs of world class Meta Runners as she discovers she has the uncanny ability to warp into video games...

Meta Runner is our new animated web series that has been in the works for over a year! Season 1 debuts in June 2019.

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For the SMG4 fans:
Meta Runner Tari is from a DIFFERENT universe to SMG4 Tari! They have similar personalities/powers but are completely different people!

Creative Director/Compositing - Luke Lerd
Creative Director/Writing/Producer - Kevin Lerd
Arti Director/Lead Animator - Matthew Peckham
Concept Artist/Generalist - Jarrad Rumble
Character Artist/Rigger - Lachlan Dunbar
Environmental/Technical Artist - Max Horseman
Lead Music Composer - AJ DiSpirito
Assistant Producer/Admin - Ellyn Barclay
Layout/Color Correction - Martin Yeung
Graphic Design - Joel Bobbin
Marketing/Brands - The Awesome People At Click Management

Tari - Celeste Notley-Smith
Belle Fontiere - Jessica Fallico
Theo - Robyn Barry-Cotter
Lux - David J.G. Doyle
Sofia - Hayley Nelson
Lamar - Anthony Sardinha
Masa - Brendan Barry-Cotter
Female Pedestrian - Loserfruit
Male Pedestrian - TheOdd1sout
Announcer - Muselk


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