How I got rid of my redness, acne scarring and rosacea - skincare routine & treatments. ─ Stephanie Lange

How I got rid of my redness & acne scarring for clear skin, what products I'm using and what treatments I'm getting. I've tried SO many products over the years and been to so many different dermatologists to try and get rid of my acne scarring, redness and rosacea and nothing was really working until I went to Beacon Face & Dermatology in Dublin ( , where I've been getting 2 different types of laser (M22 IPL Laser & KTP Laser). Dr Orla is a dermatologist in Beacon who diagnosed that the excess oil my skin produces actually caused inflammation in my skin, which contributes to my redness too, so I've been using certain skincare products to reduce the excess oil in my skin too. It's a journey, and because I have rosacea my skin will unlikely ever be 'perfect' or completely clear, but it is looking SO, so much better and it makes me so happy! I finally feel confident with no makeup on and it's something I never thought would happen!

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