4 Easy Dessert Cocktail Recipes (non alcoholic) + Jelly layering techniques - Quarantine Baking ─ MyCupcakeAddiction

Budget quarantine baking with minimal ingredients! Which of these Boredom Busting no bake quarantine jelly cocktails is your fave? I loved making the layers... soooo satisfying

So obvs I filmed this prior to breaking my arm (since you can see my two very much working arms in this video) & although the arm has slowed me down, I'm determined to get you guys new videos each week... Easter's just around the corner so that's what I'll be tackling next!

Thanks to Queen for sponsoring todays video - I've been baking with Queen since I was a kid & it was a dream to work with them on this recipe video, AND my new TV show, The Sweet Life premiering on SBS Food TOMORROW (2 Apr) 8:30 in Australia.

Happy Quarantine baking everyone - I hope you're all doing ok.

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