Redback Spider 4 Egg Sacs Removal Will Crazy Ants Eat The Spider Eggs EDUCATIONAL VIDEO ─ leokimvideo

My pet Redback Spider Barbie has in a few weeks made 4 spider egg sacs. It's time to remove the egg sacs and find a environmental purpose for them in the garden. I notice a crazy black ants being very active at a nearby ant nest. Many people tell me ants will swarm a food source and quickly take it into the ant nest. Well lets see what happens when I present 4 opened Redback spider egg sacs to the very active and excited ants. This video was made just before the 2020 Australian March Equinox, that can be seen as a real indicator that winter is coming. I do come back to see Barbie 10 days after removing her egg sacs and there is egg sac 5. Maybe the real bonus was finding a stunning Praying Mantis near Barbie's spider home. But remember here is a Redback Spider that was very small at Jan 20 and by late March she has laid 5 spider egg sacs.

Video posted as educational, documentary, and scientific and forms part of my Insect / spider study series of videos.
Leokimvideo is the home of the 'Big Spider Loves Daddy' videos on YouTube! You must have written permission from me to use any part of this video, that's the rules.

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