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» Hello friends, welcome back to a daily vlog 😊 I hope you're healthy and well!

Today is a day in my life vlog video, catching you up on what I've been up to during isolation.

Glen and I share our wedding updates #COVIDBRIDE and what we plan to do, I show you a garden tour of what I'm growing at our little townhouse home & also take you through my Oyster mushroom grow πŸ„

There's a sweet little yoga flow session in here, some plant propagation AND I teach you how to make tofu that doesn't suck. Like... THE best tofu. It's a literal tofu life changing hack; I can't wait for you to try.

I ALSO take you behind the scenes of creating a fun little IGTV Video for Sephora

I really hope you can take a moment, grab a cup of tea (glass of wine?) and a good snack and settle in to my world for the next 40 ish minutes. We're safe at home, alone together.

Do you like anything in our home? I've probably linked it on my blog if you're trying to find something!

More Flowers, Fewer Assholes shirt: (Sold out- but this is the brand)
Yoga outfit:
Yoga Mat: Rave Nectar (It was a kickstarter)
Yoga Props: Feet Up
Norwex Glass Cleaning Cloth: Find your local Norwex lady!
Terrefibre Hemp blocks:
Extendible Hose:
Planter Grow Bags:

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