Feeling Helpless? I was.... Love you Guys ♥️ #BLM ─ MyCupcakeAddiction

2020 has had no shortage of problems - bushfires, pandemics, human rights abuses and financial ruin for many. This past week I've found myself feeling really helpless and lost for words (& I'm very rarely lost for words) So I spent some time working out what I can DO rather than what I can SAY to help, like actually help with #BLM

If you're thinking of ways you can support during this current crisis and beyond, consider Bethenny Frankel & B-strong if you want to make a "right now" difference. Our world is experiencing crisis after crisis and it's hard to know what to do that will actually make a change but rare gems like Bethanny are cutting through the noise and corruption of the relief industry and putting your donations, big and small into the hands of those who need them most, at the time they're needed.... Not 6 months from now, not a "portion" of your donation. 100% of every cent you can spare. .
Donate direct to bstrong using the link in my bio.

This is not a partnership or affiliation, just a cause I deeply believe has the ability to unite humans for humans and help all humanity in times of crisis regardless of race, wealth or political & religious beliefs. .

I love you guys, through good times and bad and I know everyone is feeling helpless at the current state of the World - some more than others. The USA is my adopted home, where my kids started school and where I've met so many of you & I just want to help. When Australia was in crisis in January, the whole world supported us, and it's this kind of mass people power that makes huge and definite change.

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