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Words and Music by Matt Crocker, Joel Houston, Benjamin Hastings,
Aodhan King & Dylan Thomas
© 2018 Hillsong Music Publishing Australia
CCLI: 7124904

Here's to the One who made the morning bright
Here's to the One who taught the stars to shine
Here's to the One who graced the dead of night
Pulled me from the dark set my heart alight

Here's to the One who made my heart to sing
Opened up my eyes washed away my sin
Here's to the One who gave His life for mine
Broke all my chains and set me free alright

To the Way
To the Truth
To the life I live in the light You give
Jesus here's to Your Name over everything

Here's to all the things that Your love has done
Here's to the way You wiped away my past
Here's to the future and the things to come
Here's to my Saviour's everlasting love

Here's to Your kindness
Here's to Your goodness
Here's to Your freedom
Here's to the day I see You Jesus

Here's to Your glory
Here's to Your greatness
Here's to Your kingdom
Here's to the Name of Jesus

Here's to our Saviour
Here's to the Name of Jesus

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